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Kari Fox

When Kari Fox opened Creative Edge Studio in 2010, it didn’t take long before she developed an admirable list of amazing clients who were all grateful to have found her and her comprehensive skill set. With each job, she handled product branding as easily as web design and did every job a cut above their expectations.

These qualities, along with an expert knowledge in virtually all of the graphic design software programs, stemmed from Kari’s brand-new degree from Marian University. There, she studied every nuance in the state-of-the-art software and hardware necessary to produce the highest level of design. Her presence on the Dean’s list during every semester foretold the capabilities she would wield at the helm of her own company.

Given her ability to “tear down the engine and rebuild it” with respect to graphic and web design, she is a natural leader within Creative Edge. She can wear any hat in the hatbox, and has a practical knowledge of precisely predicting the flow of time and money on any given project. Now, Kari has built an extraordinary team, both remote and on-site, and she leads them with a very hands-on approach. Together, they stand ready to take on everything from small web projects to servicing the needs of large corporations. Bringing in spectacular projects on-time and on-budget has become the norm for Creative Edge Studio.