Social Media

Enlighten yourself

Interactivity on Facebook has caused some individuals and companies to duckout and abandon using traditional websites. Everyday YouTube receives tens of thousands of hours of uploads. If you’re not engaging your clients in social media you are missing out on a huge piece of the pie. At Creative Edge Studio we employ the top tier of social media experts. Using social media is not a one-time, push button activity. It is an art of creating multiple posts that must be constantly updated to remain fresh and interesting.



Express yourself

While the definition of photography is fairly simple, the process of getting your product to look it’s finest requires the best of equipment and technique . . . just the things we put to use at Creative Edge Studio. Yes, the lighting and the background are critical and so is the choice of focal length, depth of field and distance to the product. At Creative Edge Studio, we produce the finest product photography in the business, hands-down!


Logo Design

Create yourself

If you take a moment to look at the logos of Fortune 500 companies, you will immediately get a sense that there is an eerie similarity about them. This is no accident. Your logo must standup to a variety of challenges if it is to be the best. While the colors are important for a fully elaborated logo, the design must also work when used in other modalities…for example embossed into metal or another medium. The design cannot be too complex because it must be completely scalable from tiny to huge. At Creative Edge Studio, we have studied the principles of logo design with the highest scrutiny. You can expect to receive the very best logo possible.


Graphic Design

Inspire yourself

There is a small bit of magic that goes into making a successful design if it is to be compelling, capture the interest of the viewer, and push all the right buttons. Did you know that humans react strongly to the color red because it is the color of blood? Similarly, designs that use angular projections can have a positive or negative emotional impact on the viewer depending on the orientation. Creative Edge Studio knows how to create the best product for you.


Web Design

Challenge yourself

If you’ve ever tried to use an Internet web-design template you already know the limitations you will suffer from and the all too sterile result you can achieve that way. Creative Edge Studio makes your website from scratch with complete control over the the code of the design. The possibilities for creative input become unlimited. You can rest assured that you will receive the perfect outcome to describe you and your business and achieve maximum results!


Brand Development

Define yourself

Today’s modern world has and will expose you to hundreds of thousands of brands and branding elements from cradle to grave. From gas stations to soap boxes, you will see the most successful of these in your travels, but what makes a successful brand? At Creative Edge Studio, we are keenly aware of the calculus required to assess your sector of business, gauge the demographic user of your product, and design your brand. Our experience in creating winning brands is extensive and unlike some of our competitors, we know how to do it without breaking the bank.


Design Consult

Motivate yourself

At Creative Edge Studio, we greatly value a simple fact; That is that you, the leader of your business, know that business better than anyone else. You know about your customers. You know about your inventory, your cash flow, and the cost of successfully doing business. When we discuss your design concepts, we want to know all about what you know. We want to incorporate every possible nuance into your design that will serve to propel your firm forward. Yes, at the risk of being immodest, we are the greatest at what we do and we want to provide you with the ammo you need to be the most successful you can possibly be at what you do!